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Wi-Fi wireless network available at the Main Library  

A free wireless access point is available at the main library

If you have a laptop, PDA or other internet-ready handheld device, you may have a wireless internet card called a "Wi-Fi card" that allows your laptop or hand-held device to connect to the internet. The main library at 5th and Franklin Streets in Reading, PA is equipped with free Wi-Fi wireless internet access.

Wi-Fi refers to a standard, wireless, computer-network technology referred to as 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. These standards are in use around the globe, and allow users that have a Wi-Fi capable device, like a laptop or PDA, to connect to the internet anywhere there is a Wi-Fi access point. The standards referred to indicate the speed of the connection. The "802.11b" standard is 11 Megabits per Second (MBPS). Both "802.11a" and "802.11g" are capable of 54 MBPS.

All Wi-Fi standards are fast enough to create a broadband internet connection with a Wi-Fi capable device. Wi-Fi is an emerging technology that allows convenience and increased productivity for workers and travelers around the world. Wi-Fi wired locations include the workplace, the home, libraries, airports, hotels, coffee shops and, in some cases, entire cities.

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